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We were two women farmers partnering to provide premium lamb cuts under the name


                                                                        "LADIES OF THE LAMB".


We raise Katahdin Meat Sheep  on our family farm, Belfair Farm in Lawrenceburg, TN. with our partner, without Growth Hormones,  Antibiotics or Soy.  Our lambs are grass-fed and  grain finished, and are processed in a USDA facility, Dry Aged for two weeks, cut and packaged according to our specifications."


Although "Ladies of the Lamb" is no longer a partnership, Belfair Farm continues to operate at the Nashville Farmers Market & St George Farmers Market under the name "LADIES OF THE LAMB" 


We routinely offer a full array of premium lamb cuts as well as Prepared Lamb Meals.  Special orders for additional cuts can be provided upon request. 


More information on Belfair Farm can be seen at



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